Faroe Islands Team Squad FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia

Faroe Islands Team Squad FIFA World Cup 2018

The Faroe Islands Football Association manages Faroe island national football team; and since 1988, the team has been the member of FIFA and since 1990, it is the member of UEFA. Faroe is the fourth smallest UEFA country with respect to population.

The team never qualifies for the finals of FIFA World Cup or any UEFA Championship. Right now the Faroe Islands national team is 80th FIFA Ranking position.

Qualification History of the Team

In the World Cup 2018 in Russia, it will be the seventh attempt of Faroe Islands to reach the FIFA World Cup tournament. The very first attempt in the qualification for USA was in 1994. Right after failing by just a single point in the World Cup, the team showed a massive progress by pulling themselves from bottom to second best in the qualifying group from 1998 to 2002 World Cup tournaments.

Between these years the team has worked real hard to gain the second best position in the group and gain the chances of getting in the second round of FIFA World Cups. But, the national team struggled next three world cups to reach the massive event.

2018 FIFA World Cup Qualification Tiebreakers

The Faroe Islands is on the fourth position in the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifications group. The detail of the competitive teams has given below;

1  Switzerland6600123918
2 Portugal65012231915
3 Hungary62138717
4 Faroe Islands (Y)6123210−85
5 Andorra (Y)6114213−114
6 Latvia (Y)6105212−103


The Team Faroe Success

The team’s luck has worked and in 2016 UEFA EURO qualification, the Faroes Islands wrote the history and registered one of the biggest dismays in the international footballing history, defeating Greece in Brazil 20 FIFA World Cup from reaching Round of 16.

After that the national team of Faroes were ranked 187th in the FIFA World Cup Ranking. The amazing Faroes football player Joan Edmundsson scored the historical winning goal against Greece. Joan Edmundsson and the most capped captain of the team Frodi Benjaminsen are the Faroe Islands’ outstanding players.

The Coach

He Lars Olsen is the current coach of the national team. He joined as the coach of Faroe in 2011. He has also provided his coaching services to a number of Denmark clubs. The fifty six years old coach was once a Danish Footballer and manager. Lars Olsen was the captain of Denmark team that won 1992 UEFA EURO.

Olsen started his professional coaching career in 2003 with Randers to promote Danish Superliga. Moreover, he also led the Denmark team to the Danish Cup 2006 and rewarded as the 2006 Danish manager of the Year.

The Former Stars

Oli Johannesen and Todi Jonsson are the two famous and successful Faroe players of their time. Todi is a former Danish born Faroe striker who has been a proud to the team with scoring 93 goals throughout his career.

He played for several Danish Premier League clubs. Todi began and ended his career at Faroese side. Oli Johannesen played most of his matches under Faroe, however also played some seasons in the Danish league. He played many years in the Faroe TB Tvøroyri.

Faroe Islands Team Squad FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia

here is the list of 23 men Faroe Islands Team Squad FIFA World Cup 2018 

1Gunnar Nielsen FH Hafnarfjördur39
12Teitur Gestsson HB Tórshavn2
23Símun Rógvi Hansen NSÍ Runavík
4Atli GregersenVíkingur Göta37
14Hördur Askham KÍ Klaksvík
15Odmar Faerö B36 Tórshavn16
3Viljormur Davidsen Vejle Boldklub20
16Ári Mohr Jónsson HB Tórshavn2
2Jónas Tór Naes ÍBV Vestmannaeyjar51
5Jóhan Troest Davidsen HB Tórshavn35
19Eli Nielsen B36 Tórshavn
7Fródi Benjaminsen Víkingur Göta92
18Karl Lökin NSÍ Runavík5
10Sölvi Vatnhamar Víkingur Göta17
20René Joensen Vendsyssel FF11
17Kaj Leo í Bartalsstovu ÍBV Vestmannaeyjar11
6Hallur HanssonAC Horsens29
13Pól Jóhannus Justinussen NSÍ Runavík26
22Patrik Johannesen B36 Tórshavn
9Gilli Rólantsson Brannenbergen17
8Klaemint Olsen NSÍ Runavík10
21Finnish Justinussen BK Fremad Amager4
11Páll Klettskard KÍ Klaksvík14

Faroe Islands Team Squad FIFA World Cup 2018.